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Doing math just got easier! Use solutions to figure out your finances, get the best deal, get a new job or measure that perfect garden.

Around the House   On the Job

Finances - mortgage, percents, taxes


Home Improvement


Information - currency exchange, calendar calculations, international statistics and distances

Health & Diet

Cooking Conversions

The Library

Formulas - Formulas for all occasions. (English/Spanish)

Converters - Got feet and need miles? We've got the converters!

Math History, Biography and Quotes - What happened when and to whom?

Business math


Online math classes

Learn New Skills

Still baffled by fractions? Wondering what all that algebra was that you missed in school? Try's One-Minute Math for lessons you can live with. and offer online multimedia tutorials in finance and spreadsheet software.

Everyday Math


Everyday Statistics

Calculators -  Basic math calculators, distance, file download time, miles per gallon (MPG), easy percents, purchase tax calculator

- Find answers fast! Everyday Calculators -   Percent, tax, payment, mortgage, and more.

Advanced Financial Calculators

Mortgage calculators
Should you refinance your mortgage? What are your payment and prepayment options? How much house can you afford? Fixed or adjustable rate? Should you pay points? How much second home can you afford?
Savings calculators How to reach a savings goal -- with a schedule of payments. Save for college. Evaluate return on your investment. When will you be able to retire?

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Shopping Everyday Calculators -   Easy percents, how much tax will you pay on a purchase, and more.

Credit card calculators Which credit card is best for you? Calculate the real cost of your debt.
Auto leasing calculator Evaluate auto leasing deals.
Relocation Calculate the real costs of moving.

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Home Improvement

HouseNet - Carpet, ceramic tile, paint, organic mulch, insulation, wood floor, wallpaper and drywall calculators.

Gardening Calculator - Landscape and garden conversions.

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The Sock Calculator - Print knitting instructions for socks.
The Sweater Calculator - Create a customized sweater pattern.
Needlework - Cross-stitch calculator.
Cycling Calculator - Gearing and shifting patterns.
Sailing Calculator - Calculates sailing category, capsize ratio, hull speed, motion comfort, and more.

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Information Calculators
The Distance Between - Distance between any two cities in the world.
Sun and Moon Calculator - Rise and set times for your location.
Calendar Conversions - Find the day of the week for any date. Also convert between several calendar systems.
International Statistics - Data and comparisons of international statistics

NEW! Currency Converter - Instantly convert international currencies using today's exchange rates at

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics by Woolcott Smith and Larry Gonick

No kidding!! This is an amazingly good book for unraveling the mysteries of statistics in a visual way. It's even fun if you can believe that.

If you are taking a course in statistics but just can't "see" it - this book is for you.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know - Not just for writers, a good online introduction to everyday statistics for everyone. For example, what exactly is "margin of error"?

Health and Diet
Nutrition calculator - analyze the contents of simple dishes and foods.
Activity Calorie Calculator - How many calories are you burning in 158 different activities?

Cooking Converter - How many tablespoons in a cup? Find out here. U.S. and British cooking terms, equivalents for measurement, volume and weight, including oven temperature.

Looking for a new job and wondering if your math skills measure up? and offer online tutorials Free demo!
Finance - Quickbooks and Quicken multimedia tutorials.

Spreadsheets - multimedia tutorials on all popular spreadsheet applications including Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

Or learn to use spreadsheets with CD-ROM or video courses from PlanetLearn.

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Find Everyday Math Books from the Store

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