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SAT Fact ReKap
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Once you know some basic facts about the SAT, you will be ahead of the game on test day. Here's some things to keep in mind:

SAT success is coachable. Contrary to popular belief, the SAT is not an intelligence Test. It is a measure of demonstrated Math and Verbal skills. These skills can be learned.

SAT content is limited. Questions on the SAT are devised out of a relatively small pool of Math & Verbal content areas. Learn the range of the content areas and your preparation becomes focused and easier.

SAT scoring is predictable. Standardized tests measure all students against the same standard. On the SAT, this means that if you take the test in November, you are measured against the students who took the test in June. Of course you aren't taking the SAME test they took. But both your tests are standardized, and (in theory) you should be equally likely to do as well on one test as another.

The SAT is an opportunity. Colleges use the SAT as a common yardstick by which to measure candidates. See the SAT for what it is--a great opportunity to strut your stuff and prove that you are eminently qualified for the college of your dreams. With adequate preparation, it really isn't hard to do.

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Good luck on test day!

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