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Introduction to the SAT
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Welcome to Kaplan's Introduction to the SAT! In this test-prep starter, we'll give you enough information to become an informed test taker. We'll tell you how the SAT is structured, how the SAT is scored, and what kinds of questions you can expect to see on test day. We'll present some of Kaplan's best strategies for dealing with each question type and discuss when and how to guess when you don't know the answer. Finally, we'll give you practice sets of test-like questions arranged in increasing levels of difficulty, just like on the real SAT, so you can learn to pace yourself for optimum performance on test day.

Click here for a complete SAT Orientation that includes general information about the test, or just click on a specific topic to receive more information on that topic.

The SAT consists of approximately 3 hours of multiple-choice questions broken into general math and verbal content areas. Click on any of the six SAT question types below to receive more information on that question type and to try a set of 6 practice questions:

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