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SAT Timing & Pacing
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Since the SAT is three hours long, it is, above all, a test of endurance. Just as a runner trains differently for a marathon than for a sprint, so should you train for the long haul on the SAT. If you get stuck or a question looks too time-consuming, skip it and return to it later. Because the SAT is a long distance race, timing and pacing will be key to your success.

The bad news about timing

* You will not have as much time as you would like to answer all the questions on the SAT

* You will encounter words and math content that you either do not know or find very difficult.

The good news about SAT timing

* You do not have to answer every question to get a great score on the SAT

* You can make strategic decisions about how to use your time that will help you to maximize your score.

Strategy Tip: You don't have to answer every question in a section to get a good score on the SAT. If you can't eliminate any answer choices, it is better to skip a question than to guess blindly.





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