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Exercise Your Brain and Have Fun!

Puzzles and Games
Tower of Hanoi Online Puzzles - A collection of interactive online puzzles based on historic games.

Online Rubik's Cube
- Guaranteed to keep you online past bedtime! (Advanced Topic - Notes on the Math of Rubik's Cube)

Cut-the-Knot Interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles. (Alex Bogomolny)

K-12 Problems and Puzzle Sites - Web sites with problems, challenges, and puzzles sorted by grade level and topic. (Math Forum)

The Amazing Mathematical Object Factory - Magic squares and more, with information and history. (Canada's SchoolNet)

Famous Puzzles - Exercise your brain with problems that have kept people guessing for centuries! (Math Forum)


Problems of the Week

Creative fun for students in grades K-12. All new problems every week.

A Math Forum Project

Speed Math, Math Magic, Mental Math

Math Tips & Tricks - Amaze your friends and confuse your foes these tricks. So fast you can even beat a calculator!

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Stock Market - At the MainXChange, you are the "Xpert" at this stock market simulation game. Compete for prizes, trips and more! For individuals or classroom groups. For teachers - extensive lesson plans, contests and classroom material available. (click here)

Lemonade Stands - Come rain or shine, see if you can make a profit selling lemonade.


Win a Casio calculator!

Beat the Market! Win great prizes and learn about stocks and investing! Monthy, yearly, team and individual prizes from MainXchange.

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There's More in the Store!
Check the store for more puzzles, books and games.


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