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Related Resources

Free math lessons - offers free math lessons and practice for pre-algebra, algebra and geometry.

Advice for Students - Advice for students on studying, how to handle math anxiety, and more.

Teaching Math at Home - Homeschooling or just doing a little extra for your kids, articles and expert advice on teaching math.

Homeschooling - Resources for homeschooling.

Are my children are too young to learn math?

Helping Your Child Learn Math - U.S. Department of Education. Practical strategies for teaching math to young children, including fun activities that use everyday situations and materials to teach math.

Uncovering Math with Your Family - Texas Instruments (PDF). Important math concepts are everywhere!

Helping Children Learn at Home: Math and Science Tips for Young Children from the National Parent Information Network.

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How can I make sure they don't hate it (like I do...)?

Beyond Homework Help - Guiding Our Children to Lasting Math Success -The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse of the U.S. Department of Education. Advice to parents on helping their child learn, understand, and even love math.

The Math Parents Handbook This guide was developed for parents of children using the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics program. However, almost all of the information presented can be used by any parent exploring mathematics with their child.

Doing Mathematics with Your Child - Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U. S. Department of Education. Develop your child's abilities to do mathematics, while at the same time encourage a positive attitude toward mathematics.

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I don't understand what my kids are doing in school, what can I do?

Math Newsletters for Parents - University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education. Strategies for teaching math and home, and explanations of the kinds of math being taught in schools today.

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My kids are too old, they don't need my help anymore, right?

NSF Math Curriculum - Education Development Center. Comparison of 13 NSF-sponsored math curricula. Charts provide a basic overview of the approach, teacher support material, and student resources. Parents can locate their child's specific program to learn more about it.

Prepare for standardized tests - Make sure your older students know about the tests that will help them get into the college of their choice.

Extraordinary opportunities - Even if your children have far exceeded your math abilities, you can give them chances to excel. (Math Forum)

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I keep hearing that the US is behind in math education, is that true?

The Learning First Alliance Action Plan - Plan for action by schools, educators, parents, and communities to to bring American students to world class levels in mathematics.

Math Education Reform - There's a lot of activity currently centered around reforming math education. The Math Forum has organized information about math education reform efforts in the United States and around the world.

More Questions?

The Math Forum - for Parents and Citizens - The Math Forum offers extensive resources for math education. Discussion groups, newsletters, and more.

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