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   Helping Your Child Learn Math - June 1999


This revised edition of Helping Your Child Learn Math was made possible with the contributions of many people. We would like to acknowledge and pay special thanks to Peggy Quinn Caliguro, Wilma Greene, and Paulette Lee of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement for their guidance in getting this book to print. A special thanks to Ed Esty for his valuable insights, critique, and constant support throughout the development of this publication, Kim Schied Silverman of the U.S. Department of Education for the cover design and layout, and the illustrator, Roberta Toth.

Particular acknowledgments go to Joy Belin, Adriana DeKanter, Cynthia Hearn Dorfman, Lance Ferderer, Ricardo Hernandez, Carole Lacampagne, Robert LeGrand, Diane Magarity, Steve Perkins, Linda Rosen, Patricia Ross, Barbara Vespucci, Linda Roberts, and Judy Wurtzel of the U.S. Department of Education. Our thanks, also, to all of those inside and outside the U.S. Department of Education who contributed their time, effort, and expertise to help produce this book.

We are indebted to the staffs of: the Office of Educational Research and Improvement's Media and Information Services; Office of the Assistant Secretary, OERI; Planning and Evaluation Service; the National Library of Education; Office of Public Affairs; Office of the General Counsel; Office of Vocational and Adult Education; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; Office of Reform Assistance and Dissemination; and the Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs for the important roles they played in helping to bring this book to print.

We are especially grateful to the following organizations for their invaluable review of this publication: Andy Clark, Portland Public Schools; Eileen Erickson, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Sue Ferguson, Partnership for Family Involvement in Education; Alice Gill, American Federation of Teachers; Steven Jordan, University of Illinois at Chicago; Kay Luzier, National PTA; Shirley McBay, Quality Education for Minorities Network; Clarence Miller, Johns Hopkins University; Freida Nash, Algebra Project, Howard Elementary School; Cuca Robledo-Montecel, International Development Research Association; Virginia Thompson, Family Math, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California; Linda Wilson, University of Delaware; Roger Sharp, National Education Association.


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