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Fall Into Fractals

The word FRACTAL was invented by Benoit Mandelbrot.

Fractals are interesting because as you zoom in closer, the pattern is just as beautiful and complex as when you start.

Learn about fractals and create your own beautiful fractal images by following the links below.

Interactive Fractal Sites
Mandelbrot Set Zoom into a fractal in your browser window.

Mandelbrot Explorer Make and post your own images.

The Fractory A site built by students for the Thinkquest contest. Build your own fractals and learn about the math behind the images.

Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer Zoom into fractals.

Fractal Galleries
Fractalus The fractal from an artist's point of view.

Sprott's Fractal Gallery You won't believe the fractal art, animations, and even music! Be sure to visit Carlson's Gallery for incredible fractal pictures.

Fractal Video Art - A stunning collection of fractal art and information with videos that zoom into the fractals.

Fantastic Fractals A student-built site brimming with information about fractals. You have to log in, but it's worth it because the site is automatically customized for your preferences. Make your own fractals, take the fractal challenge and see fractal movies.

Who is Benoit Mandelbrot?

Not all famous mathematicians are ancient history. Benoit Mandelbrot currently works at IBM's Watson Research Center and is a Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University. (Profile)


Why are fractals so interesting?
Besides beauty, fractals offer mathematical explanations about nature. If you look, you can see fractal patterns in landscapes, plants and more.

Fractals offer artists a way to create imaginary landscapes on the computer. Many movie backgrounds are created using fractal graphics.

More Fractal Sites
The Infinite Fractal Loop Fractals have lots of fans. Artists, mathematicians, and animators have created over 1,000 web sites devoted to fractals.

More Fractal Information and Sites... from the Math Forum.

Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick

"James Gleick, a science reporter for The New York Times, has written a taut and exciting account . . . of chaos hung on a framework of the brief history of the field."

Other Wonders of Math

  Fractals Chaos Tessellations
Spirograph Knots Origami
Conway's Game of Life Mazes Lissajous Lab
Roman Numeral Calculator

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